페이지 삽입용Breakfast

Bibimbap guest house serves a traditional Korean breakfast every morning.
From Bibimbap, which is the representative traditional Korean dish to Tteokguk(rice cake soup). At Bibimbap guest house, you can taste these Korean dishes freshly made for you in the morning! The breakfast can be varied from day to day.


Bibimbap (which translates to “mixed rice”) is a traditional Korean dish of hot rice served in a bowl topped beautifully with namul (salted and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste), sometimes with meat or egg. The best part is when you get to mix all the colorful ingredients together in the bowl after it has been served. At Bibimbap guest house, you can taste this signature Korean dish, Bibimbap!


Tteokguk(Rice cake soup)
Tteokguk is a soup made with sliced rice cakes, usually in broth or soup. It is tradition to eat tteokguk on New Year’s Day because it is believed to grant the consumer luck for the forthcoming year and add an additional year of life.