Electric power

In korea, our electric power is 220V. therefore you have to prepare adapter for using and charging your devices.

We might not be able to offer our adapter because other guest use it.



Luggage store


Free Internet Service (WIFI) / 免費上網

We have not only free internet in public area, but also free WIFI everywhere in our building.




WIFI EGG Rental Service / WIFI租借服務

You can use WIFI EGG with internet service in all place.

我們提供WIFI EGG的租借服務,讓您在外也可以使用網路。


Umbrella Rental Service


Other Equipment / 其他設備

We provided water purifier, drying machine, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, kitchen wares, steam iron

我們也提供了飲水機, microwave, 洗衣機, 冰箱, 廚房.


 Tour Information / 旅遊諮詢服務

we provide the free tour & guide information, so you can also seek advice from our expert staffs, we can offer the best ,economical schedule for you.